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3rd Generation Products are available. Email sales@ricochetdirect.com for a quote

All the grenades produced by TLSFx in the UK have been widely used at many events across Europe and give the players' an edge. TLSFx products deliver the quality you need, why settle for second best, buy TLSFx and get the best!

Why just shoot the opposition when you can throw an authentic looking German Stick or Ball Grenade? The Thunderflashes and Thermobarics are very effective distraction devices and really bring the game alive. When you need extra cover, the smokes do the job, and being available in 30 second, 60 second and 90 second grenades, you are going to be able to get the cover needed. Available in red and green.

Things You Need To Know Before Ordering:
We are a wholesale company, which means we can only
sell to companies, organizations or event organizers.
When placing an order you are required to provide your
company name and a non-residential address for shipping.
All prices listed are wholesale prices.
Please be aware that due to the standard hazardous materials
handling charge administered by the shipping company,
shipping will be $35 per box.